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Kelly O'Rourke, SPHR

Operations Expert with a Founder's Mindset

I pride myself on being an operations expert with a founder’s mindset, bringing together the strategic wisdom of a seasoned executive and the innovative spirit of an entrepreneur. With extensive operations experience spanning 9+ years in venture capital and 8+ years in startups, this unique perspective allows me to fine-tune existing operations while envisioning and executing fresh strategies that foster growth and adaptability. I deeply understand the core values and culture of a company, ensuring that operational changes seamlessly align with the broader vision. My innate ability to spot opportunities for improvement, coupled with my unwavering commitment to excellence, makes me a catalyst for transformation. I’m passionate about driving businesses forward and maintaining the founder’s spirit of innovation and resilience in the face of challenges.


As a seasoned Operations, I bring a wealth of expertise to the table, having successfully led operations for multiple companies across diverse industries. I have a particular affinity for small to mid-sized companies, where I believe I can make the most significant impact. With a track record of translating visionary concepts into actionable strategies, my extensive background encompasses various roles, from heading operations for organizations in the service industry to guiding startups at various growth stages, including both bootstrapped and venture capital-backed companies. Additionally, I've provided consultancy services to emerging venture capital firms. This comprehensive experience equips me with a holistic perspective covering strategy, human resources, finance, and business administration, providing clients with a distinct competitive edge. Thriving in fast-paced environments, I readily embrace change and adapt to dynamic conditions, all while remaining steadfastly committed to driving success and delivering a positive impact.

About Me
Expertise & Services



I assist in improving your business operations, from initial planning to final implementation. I handle day-to-day tasks and manage operational details, optimizing efficiency and streamlining processes.

Strategic Planning and Execution: Work closely with your team to develop actionable strategies aligned with your business goals.

Process Optimization and Efficiency: Identify inefficiencies and streamline processes to boost productivity and reduce costs.

Objective Setting and Metric Definition: Establish crystal-clear objectives and key operational metrics to measure success and progress.

Change Management: Expertly guide change initiatives within your organization, ensuring a smooth transition.

Risk Mitigation and Regulatory Compliance: Implement strategies to mitigate risks and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.


As an HRCI certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), I provide top-notch People Operations services. This covers strategic planning, compliance, risk mitigation, organizational design, professional development, culture transformation, and policy creation.

Strategic Organizational Design: Tailor your organizational structure for optimum performance.

Compliance and Risk Mitigation: Ensure your people operations are compliant while minimizing risks.

Performance Measurement and Systems Enhancement: Improve systems for better performance tracking.

People Operations Workflow and Systems Optimization: Streamline your HR processes for efficiency.

Employee Relations and Transition Management: Expert handling of employee relations and transitions.


Professional Development Services: Cultivate skills and expertise within your workforce.

Mentorship for Operations Associates: Guide and mentor your operations team.

Payroll and Benefits Administration: Implement and manage payroll and benefits for your organization.


I specialize in implementing financial workflows, financial reporting, forecasting, budgeting, and collaborating with CPAs to execute financial strategies.

Financial Workflow and Technology Integration: Implement efficient financial workflows and optimize your tech stack for seamless operations.

Financial Reporting Services: Deliver comprehensive financial reporting to provide insight and transparency into your financial health.

Strategic Forecasting: Provide forecasting to help you plan for the future and make informed decisions.


Budget Management: Assist in budget creation and management to ensure resources are allocated effectively.

Collaborate with CPAs: Collaborate closely with Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) to execute a sound financial strategy aligned with your goals.

Accounts Payable, Receivable, and Bookkeeping: Expertly manage accounts payable, receivable, and maintain accurate bookkeeping for financial efficiency.

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